SideBar® – 7″ Siding & Roofing Inspection & Repair Tool


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Grip it & Zip It!®
The SideBar is your lightweight, compact, and ergonomic inspection tool.
A new arrival and we agree that it is the ultimate field inspection pry tool.
7″ long and weighing only 5 ounces, the forged steel patented design is a tool every field adjuster needs.

  • Inspect roof for layers of shingles and decking
  • Separate and lift shingle from adhesion strip when using Shingle Gauge. (20 Year; 25 Year; 30 Year; 40 Year; 50 Year, etc.)
  • Lift and inspect siding for grade (standard, average, high grade, premium)
  • Inspect elevation for insulation/housewrap/moisture damage, etc.
  • Retrieve Roofing Sample when sending to 3rd party verifier such as ITEL
  • Retrieve Siding Sample when sending to 3rd party verifier such as ITEL

* Special angled end allows removal of most profiles of vinyl siding – Seam or Seamless – Allowing you to determine the grade and close the claim using the correct siding the first time (Average, High Grade, Premium siding)
* Large nail head remover for roofing and siding nail heads.
* Chisel end for separating and prying shingles to determine and document shingle warrant
* Tethering point to prevent loss or falling hazard.
* High-strength, forged steel construction.
* Protective durable enamel finish resists rust & corrosion
* Patented design makes it comprehensive, lightweight and strong.

Pro Tip
The chisel tip is designed in such a way to increase ease of separating shingles, etc., which resulted in making the chisel end very sharp.  Manufacturer recommends dulling the chisel end (scrape chisel end along rough surface such as concrete, etc) to avoid injury to self, equipment, etc.
Please use with care.