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This field tool combo includes the Bullybag Ultra Pouch Babson which features a belt feed through channel.  Use your own belt and remain comfortable and effective.
Designed by field Adjusters for field Adjusters –  Whether Catastrophe, Daily, Flood or Public – Adjusters benefit from this comprehensive tool package.  The Babson is named after Robbie Babson – a legend in the Adjusting profession, as this design was made for the way he wears his Bullybag Ultra Pouch.

The Paddle Pro Pack with Babson includes:
– Bullybag Ultra Pouch Babson with a large floating chamber for field tool you use the most and designed to be easy to clean.
Inner sealable chamber for pitch tool, 100′ tape, bungee or other tools.
3 outer chambers for camera, laser measure, phone or other inspection tools
Business card chamber
Powder coated utility clip for your tape measure
2 hidden slots for housing your Haag Shingle Gauge as well as Dyna-Bar or other tools
4 – Big 1″ D-Rings for tethering other gear.
2 pen & 2 battery slots, so you are always at the ready.
Includes retractable Badge & Gear retainers to help you keep your camera and other tools safe. The Ultra Pouch is the best tool pouch for Adjusters…
– 6oz Gear Retainer for lightweight retention of the tools you use most like cameras, etc.
– 2oz Badge Retainer for retention of badges, pens, or a small gauge
– Haag 4/09 Shingle Gauge
– Haag 1/12 Shingle Gauge
– BullyBag & Tool Company Pitch & Slope Indicator
– Stanley 100′ Tape Measure
– SideBar MultiPry 7″ Pry Bar for checking roof layers, taking siding samples, checking for insulation, house wrap, etc. The SideBar is a small but versatile tool to perform a comprehensive inspection.
– BullyBag AdjustaGRIP 25′ Tape Measure – With it’s oversized rubber grip and magnetic tip – the best 25′ tape measure for Adjusters
– Nite Ize S-Biner #1 PERFECT for tethering your camera lanyard or other small tool to the Gear Retainer or belt.
– Nite Itse S-Bine #4 terrific for tethering your Accu-Line clipboard, gauges or other gear.
– Accu-Line Flipboard (Double sided/Double clip clipboard with estimation reference 302) giving you the ability to make accurate sketches; draw straight lines without a ruler, with ease and stability, as well as a smooth writing surface on the filp side.
– 1 Large BullyBag Orange Bandit Z-Pack for storing your gear, papers, etc.

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